Kennedy Space Centre and Rocket Launch

This is a great place to visit, especially when you see the exact rocket on the launch pad which will take off in the early hours of the following morning. I cannot take credit for the launch close up shots at night, but the ones further away were taken on Cocoa Beach. Falcon 9 left the Space Centre at 0327 on 26th August and landed at the International Space Centre at 1058 on 27th August. There are you tube videos showing the exact launch. It was an incredible sight to see. Katie features in one of the photo’s as proof we were there!!. In addition to the Falcon 9, we also saw a rocket on the way to the launch pad by lorry, NASA Headquarters, and the famous Atlantis which first launched on 3rd October 1985 and was retired after its final voyage on 8th July 2011.

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  1. Amazing pictures Tom. Have been waiting for more blogs from you from your recent trip. One of my bucket lists to go into space – but not sure that will ever happen. The best I’ve done is flying my VC10 tankers coming back from America at Flight level 450 (45,000 feet) which was right on the edge of space and very dark when we looked up! 👍🤣

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