Since launching the website, I’ve had so many lovely comments from people via text, email, social media sites etc, that I felt it was only right I included them and put them in one place where they can all be seen together. You can find them below and I will update these as further comments come in. I will also be launching onto Instagram in January – more information to follow.  Thank you for your support.

Hello Tom So lovely to see your smile, brilliant Christmas tree, you could give us lessons 😀. Have a wonderful Christmas, I’m sure it will be filled with lots of love, laughter and good cheer. Have a good one lovely

Hi Tom, I have just realised that your unhappiest time at Addenbrookes is when I worked there as a nurse on ward C2. I recognise some of the staff in your photos. Mags Hurst was the play specialist in blue polo shirt. I recognise one of the nurses and the physio but as it was 23 years ago I’m struggling to remember. So you were there at the same time as me, we might have met? Thankfully, I have known you in much happier times and love the joy which you bring to our family. Looking forward to following your blogs. Well done, this is all very inspirational 😀

Hi Tom Really lovely looking at all the things you are getting up to, haven’t seen you in years. Keep up all your endeavours.

Hey Tom. Love this blog site. It will take me some time get read through it all of the posts but I promise I will. Particularly like seeing your dad in his younger days! Disney cruise looks like great fun. Hope to see you again soon mate. Regards Vince.

Good morning Tom. Looking forward to reading all about your life. Love. Elaine x

Tom: Love watching all your adventures Tom. Keep on going x

Wow Tom, loving the blog. So much there. Looks very professional. Keep up the great work. Love n hugs xx

I would love to know how you are getting on, as I used to work with you in the past taking you to Woodfields for you physio in the pool, and music and other activities. Hope you are keeping well,

Hi Tom. Well done for doing this blog. Amazing Work. Its been ages since ive seen you but great to see your well and working hard. Keep up the good work. Rob your Computer man.

I used to be one of Tom's teaching assistants at Sheringham Woodfields School, Margaret Woodrow was the class teacher.

Hi Tom I met you when I was back in England visiting family

Hello Tom, I have just visited you site and it is very inspirational. Do give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Kind regards John Neilson in Luton

Great Project Tom, Lovely to see what you are up to

Well done Tom, you are such an inspiration to so many. I am so proud of you, look forward to catching up next year. Have a great Christmas. Love to you and the family.

I've really enjoyed reading this Tom x

Just been reading some of your blog and quite amazed at your achievements. Well done, and an encouragement to everyone that a disability cannot stop what you want in life

This is great xxx

Hi Tom Wow your blog is amazing and so wonderful to see how many adventures you’ve had over the years . The photos of Toms stay in Addenbrookes are a complete blast from the past ! Helen Starache is the physio in white working on Tom , Annelie Seiler is the nurse without glasses on and I’m in the blue polo shirt giving you and The telly tubby a cuddle. It sounds like you’ve filled life with lots of fun and adventures and your train in the garden is incredible. Thank you for reaching out to say hi; often when children leave hospital you don’t hear how things are going for them . Once the pandemic is a bit more under control id love to come say hi to you at the transport museum- I went there as a child and loved it and I can imagine you enjoy your time there too ? With my best wishes to you all at Christmas time. Mags

Absolutely loved reading your blog and reading about you. Next March I'm doing Land's End to John O'Groats in my powered wheelchair raising money for a charity called with kids I had my powered wheelchair modified and upgraded by Mercedes Formula 1 team. I would love to chat to you about this and maybe we can do something together. (Message from Tom - have emailed you)

Hi Tom. Really good to read some of your blogs. You take care over Christmas and have a fantastic family time. I hope 2022 is brilliant for you. Keep smiling

More Curries Soon Tom? Message from Tom: Name your date and I will book a table!!!

I have always followed your progress after being involved with your property and I hope becoming a friend of your family. Have a Great Christmas. I hope to enjoy your blog

Merry Christmas Tom and family. We hope you have all had a fantastic time celebrating, and Happy New year. Loving all the post’s Tom. Keep up the great work, would be lovely to catch up this year. All our love Hayley, Aaron, Joshua & Aleigha xx xx

I’m an old school friend of Debra’s- we went to Norwich High school together. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and it seems you make the most of life. I need to take a leaf out of your book and get out and do more for me! Keep those blogs coming. Take care Caroline xx

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Tom. Sounds that you are having a great time on your special day and the week ahead. Reading some of your blogs is have a very busy interesting life. Keep up the good work enjoying life to the full. 🥳🎊🎂🎉 Vivienne X