A New Start For Dad And Debra

With my stepmum being offered a 2 year secondment, she and Dad have moved out to Gibraltar. I for one am delighted, as this means more holidays! I am so excited to be travelling out in November when it is a little bit cooler, and according to Dad, so much for me to see, do, and eat! A place called Charlie’s is apparantly Dad’s favourite restaurant. Dad is back every few weeks to look after me and with Katie back home for the summer holidays, there is plenty to keep me occupied and keep me out of mischief!

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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  1. Good luck to Debra and Mark in your new life in Gib. I’m hoping to visit in October Tom, so will report back and let you know where the best beers are! 🤣🤣👍❤️

    1. According to Dad, the only UK ale is Tribute, but as the wine, whisky and gin is so cheap, I don’t think you will have too much trouble finding something you like! I look forward to hearing about your trip, and make sure Dad keeps out of mischief as I know what he’s like!!!

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