A Sneaky Trip To The Indian Restaurant!

My Favourite place to Eat, as mentioned previously is The Merchants Of Spice 2 in Norwich. Couldn’t resist a quick trip with Dad, Debra, Naomi, and her boyfriend Chris. I had to post this as its the first photo I have of Chris and he is feeling left out! Delicious meal as always.

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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    1. Hi Neil, Dad says hello!
      I do not like spicy spicy food, so my favourites are Chicken Korma and Chicken Tikka. Dad tends to go for a Mixed Grill with Madras Sauce!

        1. Ah, Thats also one of Dad’s favourites. I am gradually building up to that one! I have my birthday in January and Dad has already booked the restaurant!

  1. Hi Tom. What a fantastic blog and what a terrific, inspiring, example of living life to the full. You won’t remember me but we met several times when you were a child, the last being when you were an 11-year-old and we sat together while you showed me every picture of your holiday. The enthusiasm and determination you showed then has clearly stayed with you.
    I am going to show friends and colleagues your website as an example of how a determined person can make the best of every opportunity.

    1. Hi Derek, how lovely to hear from you. Dad has reminded me who you are and how you helped me. He remembers how you always used to travel by train in the restaurant car to Norwich and have a full english breakfast!. You are lucky to get a coffee these days!. Please do share my blog and get as many people to comment as possible. Please keep in touch.

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