Celebrating My Birthday In Gibraltar!

What an amazing Birthday with all my friends in Gibraltar. It started off having breakfast, with Bill, then lunch, (with Bill!) before getting ready for an evening of suprises. The venue, well it had to be Charlie’s, as I’ve heard so much about this fabulous restuarant. Roza and her team did an amazing job of looking after us, and the food was sensational. I ordered my favourite meal, Lasagna, which I ate (sitting next to Bill!) and it was absolutely delicious. I then had a superb cheesecake, made by Ionela, (see video in next blog). It was so nice, Ray, who doesn’t like cheesecake, ate it – oh, and so did Bill! I must explain that Bill is my carer and he is the most wonderful person. We get on so well, and alongside that, so much banter and lots of laughs. My friends on the night: Yvonne, John, Bill, Jimmy, Mick, Judith, Angie, Ray, Chris, Keith, Julia, and of course, Dad and Debra. An incredible bunch of people. A Thank You also to David, part of the Charlie’s team who was not working on the night, but played an important role in organising it.

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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  1. Happy 27th birthday Tom, so grown up hope you had a fantastic birthday, I would request for Aaron to do a birthday combat track but I think he’s getting too old… Don’t tell him.
    love Hayley, Aaron, Joshua & Aleigha xx

  2. Woohoo what an amazing birthday post Tom. Glad you had a brilliant time – and well done Bill – who clearly featured lots in your day! 👍💪👏👏🤣 xx

  3. Lovely meal and great to catch up with y’all’s, new friends and old.
    We were really pleased to be invited to you birthday bash, and yes “John had vanished”… had to walk the dog literally 😁, she rules my time schedule…

    All I can say is roll on the next “Tom’s riotous event” 🤪

  4. Hey Tom! Just wanted to say a big thank you for inviting me to your birthday celebration at Charlie’s! I had a great time and it was awesome catching up with you guys and meeting some others for the first time. You know how to throw a party! 🎉🎈🎂
    Thanks again, and hope we can hang out soon on the water and go for a great paddleboarding adventure 🏄🤙

    1. It was such a great evening. It would be great to go paddleboarding again, but it looks like the wind is starting to pick up. Lets hope we can work something out next week.

  5. Dear Tom,
    belated Happy Birthday and all the best.🥳😀
    It’s wonderful to see that you had an amazing Birthday Party with so many great people who made your birthday special. 🤗

    We wishing you a new year full of pleasent surprise and always remember:

    “Count your Life by smiles not tears.
    Count your age by friends not years.”🤩

    Lots of warm greetings from Germany
    From Nadine and family

    1. Hi Nadine, Thank you for your lovely message. It is great to hear from you. I really did enjoy my time in Gibraltar, and looking forward to visiting again soon. I hope everyone is well in my favourite part of Germany. I have some fantastic memories of meeting you and going on the steam trains. xx

  6. Look like such a fun birthday Tom, wish we were there! Love the picture of you tucked up in bed with all your friends at the end of the night. Hope you didn’t drink too much wine!!

    1. My monkey has made it back Aylmerton with me, and met his new English friends! As for the wine – I learnt from the best! xx

      ps- as today is 1st Feb, pinch punch first day of the month, no returns!! xx

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