Mayday – Tortoises At The Vets!

My tortoises (Olaf and Sven) are not well, and undergoing medical treatment. They are Indian Star tortoises, and have respiratory problems. I have replaced all their bedding and lighting, and they now have a nebulizer to help them breathe. This is actually good news for Dad, because if he has an asthma attack, he can stick his head in the vivarium! They have been to the vets and had their bloods taken. It now means visits 3 times a week for antibiotics. The good news is they are recovering well and starting to eat again. The temperature needs to be around 33 degrees during the day in the vivarium so its a good job they are not kept outside!

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    1. Maybe you could treat them in my hot tub!!.
      Tortoise update: they are getting better and gradually putting on weight, but still at the vets 3 times a week.

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