My First Gibraltar Holiday, Part 1 / 2

I am having a fabulous time in Gibraltar, and already met some great friends, both old and new. Andy and Helen took an epic train trip from Birmingham to Spain, followed by a brief taxi ride to the border with Gibraltar. John and Yvonne live in Gibraltar, whom I had a fantastic Sunday roast with. John is a Port Vale supporter, though we won’t hold that against him! The weather is hot and sunny, and I am in enjoying sitting in the bars, chilling out, and drinking fine wines! Alan, my carer, flew back yesterday, and I thank him for all the help and support he gave to me. More posts to follow!

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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  1. (1) I am very jealous (2) as well as everything else your becoming a globetrotter.
    It looks amazing and I would be doing exactly the same things as it would be rude not to.
    Take care Tom.

  2. Oh wow so jealous of you being out there Tom. Been awaiting your blogs but I guess you’ve been drinking too much fine wine to bother blogging recently – don’t blame you! 🤣🤣 🍷
    Enjoy the rest of your holidays and make sure to go see the monkeys/apes/caves etc and have a cocktail or three for me! 🤭🍹🍹🍹

    1. I have been inspired by Louise! Wine tonight, cider in the fridge, and going out for my first ever Thai Meal tomorrow evening!. I am going to visit The Rock next weekend and make friends with the Monkey’s. I understand you had an unfortunate incident with them! xx

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