A Visit To Battersea Power Station…But Why?!

On 20th September 2021, during my volunteering duties at the museum, I was fortunate to be able to travel on the new Northern Line Extension to Battersea Power Station. Featured in the photos are my museum ‘buddy’ Brian, the train driver, and my good friend Mari. We telephoned Debra from the Power Station, and it is fair to say she was not overly impressed! (In fairness, I could also think of better places to be!).
Nonetheless, Dad was happy, until things took a turn for the worse when I opted to travel back to our hotel by bus. This turned out to be a somewhat catastrophic decision, as Dad didn’t know which stop to get off at!
We ended up getting hopelessly lost and it took Dad 90 minutes to cover what was supposidly a 14 minute walk, according to google maps. It may have helped if he had pushed me in the right direction!

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