What A Great Place London Is!

What a fabulous few days in London where I have had a great time and met plenty of wonderful people. I have so much to share with you!

Our journey commenced on 1st March when I travelled to London with Dad. We checked in as usual to The Premier Inn (The Cut) and then walked (without getting lost!) to 12 Kings Bench Walk, where I met my good friend William Audland KC. It was a great experience visiting his Chambers, followed by a drink in his local pub. We then moved to The Peacock Theatre and watched the musical Bat Out Of Hell with Katie. I have to say the music was not what I am used too, but it was a very good show.

My volunteering duties at The London Transport Museum were from 2nd to 6th March, and as usual, I met and worked alongside the wonderful staff who helped and supported me during my stay. It is always a great experience to be in such a wonderful museum, and it is so lovely to interact with the members of the public who are also so friendly.

The people of London have such a great attitude towards people with disabilities. Some of the photos below are such people who went out of their way to make me feel welcome. These include, The Legends (barbers, Charing Cross), Indian Lounge (restaurant, Kings Cross), Truckles (pub, Holborn), Mughouse (pub, London Bridge)…and not forgetting London’s top Barrister, William Audland KC.

Sadly the last evening was clouded courtesy of Transport for London, where the lifts at 2 stations I needed to get off at (in succession) were not working. We had to do a detour back to where we started our journey and arrange for a taxi to get us back to our hotel. Fortunately I had Dad to help with the situation, but anyone on their own with special needs would have felt extremely vulnerable and in distress. This really is unsatisfactory, and as such, even Dad has to admit that walking and using the bus network is a better option.

The next time we visit London will be when Dad runs the London Landmarks Half Marathon with his good friends Caroline, Josie and Tim. I am confident I will have some stories to share with you all.

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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  1. Lovely photos Tom! It was great to see you and I am glad you enjoyed your week in London – it’s a great city. Bring your dog next time. William

    1. It is always great to see you when we visit William. We must have a meal at The MugHouse sometime, and I can introduce you to my good friends Ollie, Sarah and James. They also serve superb wine…so Dad says! As for bringing Alfie, I think Dad has enough on his plate looking after me!
      Thank you for supporting my blog.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Glad you enjoyed you recent visit, we are always happy to see you here at the Mug House! Sorry to hear TFL let you down on the lift front, hopefully they will have made some repairs or at least list which stations lifts are out of action for your next trip. Sarah and James say hi!
    See you again soon, around marathon time if not before.
    Best wishes from us all at the Mug House,

    1. Thank you Ollie. We have a table booked for 1st April just before the London Landmarks Half Marathon which Dad is running in. Sorry to report alcohol may be off the agenda that night…at least it will be for him!
      Thank you for supporting my blog.

  3. Another great blog Tom. You always have such a packed agenda and meet or spend time with lovely people.

    Looking forward to meeting you in April.

    1. Look forward too it Stuart.
      Yes, Dad does wear me out at times, but as he is running a half marathon in April, and mostly pushes me in my wheelchair, its a somewhat harsh statement maybe?!!!

  4. Love you blog Tom, been a little while since I looked at it. Looks like you have been busy. I see you have done some dancing with Lauren. Hope you are keeping well and maybe see you about soon xx

    1. Thank you Sallie, Yes indeed I now doing dancing every other Friday. I try to fit this is in around eveything else I do! Thank you for supporting my blog, and please keep in touch.

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