What Happens In A Man Cave, Stays In A Man Cave (according to Dad!)

This was my weekend with Dad, and experienced (or rather subjected too!) what life was like many years ago. So, I have my phone with Spotify, a CD player, you press a couple of buttons, and hey presto, there’s you music! Not so in a man cave it seems! Turntables and vinyl seems the order of the day, and quite fiddly compared to what I already have! Nonetheless it was a really enjoyable experience, though some of Dad’s music was not to my taste! I believe the likes of Blondie and Parallel Lines was around in 1978 which he keeps harping on about – do I really care?! Nonetheless, this turntable lark is actually quite addictive, so much so I am planning to save up and by one. “Why are you wasting your money on a turntable when you have no records” Debra asks? Well, you have to start somewhere! Sister Katie doesn’t quite get it either, and neither am I guessing do most people my age. Today my music teacher comes to visit “What a great idea Tom, can’t wait for you to get one”!

So, I am asking all my friends for your comments. Are you for or against turntables and vinyl…..and have you ever watched Wayne’s World?….Apparantly ‘I am worthy’ (whatever that means!)

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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  1. Dear Tom. It has to be said that your Dad has by far, the worst taste in music and films. 😂 I hope you will start playing some better tunes and educate him that the best place is probably the bin for his records. Or , he could sell them as antiques 👍🏻 Stay safe.

    1. Now I am surprised by that comment as I actually had you down as someone liking vinyl! I am sure Dad will have something to say about this when you next see him – and I understand that a visit is soon due? May I recommend you park the other side of the gates!
      By the way, please email Dad what your music tastes are and he will play some too me.

      1. I live vinyl’s and have may but I’m afraid my turntable hasn’t seen the light of day for sometime. I like anything really but 80’s is my time. Spandau Ballet. Duran Duran. Mostly George Michael.

        1. Ah, well according to Dad, one of his favourite all time albums is Duran Duran and ‘A Diamond In The Mind’. He is very eighties – I knew you would have this in common! He saw Duran Duran perform at The Singapore Grand Prix, and with Lewis Hamilton winning, it was apparantly a very good day!

      2. I think a man cave is a fantastic idea Tom. And yes DEFINITELY need ‘proper’ records on a proper turntable. Go for it my friend. ❤️ Make sure you have a fridge in there as well – full of beer, so you can lose yourself in all those scratchy vinyl records. 😘

    1. Dad has already warned me thank you, though he believes Steve was more punk era than heavy metal! I will ask grandma what Steve was like when he was a young boy!

  2. OMG if there’s one album I wish I had bought back in the day .. would be Parallel Lines! On vinyl of course. Quite envious of your dad for having that!

    1. Dad say’s you can now get a remastered version on vinyl if you still have your turntable?
      Sorry, did you say you are envious of my dad? Thats a shocker – are you feeling well?!

  3. Vinyl is the way to go. Something so more tangible and interactive in putting that album on the turntable and watching the needle set down. And that’s before the sound!!

    I have 16 and 11 year old daughters and they both love vinyl too. The 11 year old more so for the aesthetic as she hangs them on her wall but still. I hope you get your own turntable in the near future and keep giving your dad’s music a try. There’s a lot to like!!

    1. Hi Sarah, Great to hear from you. Yes, I am still saving up for a turntable!. I have just purchased a bluetooth speaker so hopefully the 2 will be able to connect. It seems you can do this now, as it is far more modern than Dad’s taste in music!! Thank you for reading my blog.

    1. Its definitely the way to go – still I guess both Dad and Tony are also a little on the ‘old’ side!

      Edit from Dad: still I guess Tony is a little on the ‘old’ side!!!

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