Working At The Museum, And Lots Of Fun.

As I was flying to Gibraltar after London, Dad and I decided to stay at The Holiday Inn Express at Heathrow Terminal 4. Another great idea of Dads as our flight was from Terminal 3! This is a great hotel as it is linked to the terminal building. I was therefore able to practice my walking and keep my fitness levels up. Our first evening was spent with the delightful company of the Museum’s Shop Manager Simon, and his lady friend, who were travelling to Bali the following day. We then made the daily commute for 6 days on The Elizabeth line to Tottenham Court Road, followed by a short stroll to Covent Garden. I had a great time at the Museum working alongside the staff who are always so friendly and supportive. This was the first time at the Museum where I started walking around the building instead of being in my wheelchair and I felt that that in itself was great achievement. Much of my time was taken up keeping the shop well stocked and correctly priced which is of course very important in the run up to Christmas. Thank you to everyone for a brilliant time as always.

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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