A Very Merry Christmas, And A Very Big Christmas Tree!

Christmas is in the air, and what better way to start the festivities than with a trip to Sandringham to see all the Christmas lights. This I did with Mum, which left Dad to undertake the annual task of buying the Christmas tree! This is generally a somewhat dangerous mission, as my understanding is that a tree should be sized appropriately to the room it is located, and not the entire bungalow!. Yet again, the idea of a smaller tree, well, just didn’t happen! Now, Mum has not helped the situation by texting Dad and, I quote ‘xmas lights look good and tree a bit small!’. As light hearted as this comment may be, it does not bode at all well for next year! As the saying goes ‘You Reap What You Sow’!

I would like to wish all my friends, and everyone who has commented on my blogs, a Very Happy Christmas and New Year. Thank you for supporting my blogs, and please continue to post your lovely comments.

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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  1. Merry Christmas Tom.
    I remember you from my time at RCI.
    You made a statement then and you are again today. Have a Merry Christmas and continue to stand out and make that difference.
    Be Proud of what you are achieving x

  2. That’s a beautiful tree Tom, the photos if Sandringham are fantastic to, I must visit one day.I saw your mum a few weeks ago in cromer while I was waiting for my covid jab 👍 I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a happy new year. Xx

    1. Thank you for your comments Jean. I am glad we are not visiting Sandringham today as it is minus 5 outside!
      Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas, and thank you for supporting my blog.

  3. Hi Tom.
    I’m in the same boat as your dad, I can’t be trusted buying a Christmas tree on my own either. It’s funny how us chaps have trouble with remembering proportions!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
    Best Wishes.

    1. It is obviously a bloke thing! My Dad says he has great memories of him and you together, and no doubt creating mischief! Please come and visit us in Norfolk if you visit the area.
      Have a Great Christmas, and thank you for supporting my blog.

  4. Tree looks amazing Tom. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and remind dad to keep training for the half marathon. Look forward to seeing you in April. Lotsa love Caroline x

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