The Meridian Line

Just prior to my volunteering duties at The Acton Open Weekend I had an adventurous day with Dad (as is always the case!) by visiting the Meridian Line. No, this is not a new rail line!.

The Meridian Line in Greenwich represents the Prime Meridian of the world, Longitude Zero. Every place on the Earth is measured in terms of its angle east and west from this line. It can be seen at The Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park.

Our day started with the District Line at Ealing Broadway to Blackfriars, and then Thameslink to Greenwich. We visited the Royal Observatory which I found very interesting, and then visited The Cutty Sark. We then met our friend Mariusz for a meal.

On the way back, we decided to take a boat to Westminster and then the District Line back to Ealing Broadway.

A somewhat rare and unusually intellectual and cultural day arranged by Dad!

"My past ... my present ... my future"

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